1st Baltic conference of Gynaecological Oncology

Renginio vieta:Artis Centrum Hotels, Totorių g. 23, Vilnius 01120

Dear Colleagues and Guests,


      It is a great honour for us to invite you to the Ist Baltic Conference on Gynaecological Oncology, which will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 9th of November, 2018.

      During the last years an important progress was made in oncology with changing the treatment paradigms and introduction of the new therapies in daily practise and with better and better treatment results for our patients.

      Gynecological Oncology is one of the fields, where innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches are coming to our clinical practice and are changing the course of the disease and the life of our patients.

      The purpose of this conference is to share the best experience from the Baltic countries and between different specialists in diagnosis and treatment of the gynecological cancer, to learn the news from our speakers, to discuss the forms of cooperation and joint projects in clinical and basic research.

      We expect you will be joining us in the conference and wish you an interesting meeting.

      We look forward to meeting you in Vilnius in November 2018.

With best regards

Organising committee


Free registration is suspendedOn the day of the event a 40 Eur participant fee is payable at the place of event.
Iš Šiaulių išvažiavimas iš Darželio g. 10 - 05:45 val.
Iš Panevėžio išvažiavimas iš Jakšto g. 6 - 06:45 val.
Iš Klaipėdos išvažiavimas iš Liepojos g. 41 - 04:00 val.
Iš Kauno išvažiavimas iš Volungių g. 16 - 6:15 val.
Išvažiavimas iš Eivenių g. 2 – 6:40 val.

Event location

Artis Centrum Hotels
Totorių g. 23, Vilnius 01120